The purpose of this Blog was to write about women, about motherhood penalty, about violence against women throughout the world, about PAS, (SAP in Spanish) – Parental Alienation Syndrome, shared custody, about women only owning 1% of world´s wealth…

My Blog was originally written for Spanish women victims of gender´s violence, fighting in court to protect their children. However, as I found that women from other parts of the world also visited my Blog, I decided to start writing other articles in English with the aim of building women´s sisterhood around the world.

When I started to write I had in mind that women´s poverty, or women´s financial dependency on men, or patriarchy or capitalism were the reason behind gender´s violence.

Reading here and there, little by little, after two years of writing my Blog, I have arrived to a place where I see that, reaching abundance is not a question of political activism, it is a question of spirituality. I found that after all human being´s love famine is responsible for cruelty and violence.

In addition, I found activism and struggle was not my life path. Writing about the bad news, only about victimhood, took away all my light, my energy.

I found that I had started to write moved by my own pain, my own struggle, my own lack of power, my own helplesness, as a woman and as a mother. I found that unconsciously I had been separated from walking towards light, and the reality I was living came from ego, not from light, and little by little I felt more lost, and trapped. Being this my own reality I found I resonated with other souls equally lost and troubled. And, unfortunately, we were not helping each other but sinking more in misfortune every day a litle bit more. I found that to help others I had to figure out the way out, and from there give my hand to others.

Guided by synchronicity, I found  that writing about the light, about love, spirituality, tolerance, abundance and freedom, was a way of carving a track which other women could follow.

The path is, somehow, insideout. In order to change our reality we have to commit to our inner journey and find inner silence and peace. Then our reality would change and as our energy gets faster and faster, we would be able to attract as a magnet, a new life.

I guess that if you are reading this article, it is because the Universe has helped us both to get in touch. And, if you resonate with many of my words, you have probably also read many self-help and psychology books. In my case, one author took me to another, and I enjoyed reading many, many books. Those authors took me to graphology, and to oriental wisdom, Zen, and I learnt about meditation, chakras, and my quest took me to spirituality. Since then, meditation helps me to silence my mind and gives me the inner peace to continue with my life every day.  As you, I also found the meaning of synchronicity, and a kind of peace started to grow inside too. I started to feel that this inner peace was a brief sight of enlightenment. Unfortunately, personal situations I had to live later on, took me again to the whale´s belly, and I had to continue my quest.

The Universe brought me MBTI-Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Knowing my MBTI personality type, gave me light and explained many things about my life story, from relationships, to career, to feeling a loner, to conflict issues, and many other things about my true self. I found that this personality tool is an extraordinary help for those people interested in self-knowledge, and understanding the model, opens your mind to the acceptance of human diversity, as you learn there are activities that gives energy to one type, and these same activities takes energy away from another type.

And MBTI took me to Enneagram. The Enneagram is somehow the mask of the Opera Phantom, everyone has. If MBTI is nature, Enneagram is nurture. The relationship with our parents in early childhood makes us develop our Enneagram type. According to our type we play a role in the world to defend ourselves. For me it took a while to find my type, I read many books of different authors and attended several webinars until I found it. Knowing my E-type was another great step in my self-exploration as it explained many of my struggles in my personal story. There is always the unlucky risk of getting in love of the mask versus the real self, which unfortunately I have experienced. We are what we are with the good and bad. Nature and nurture blend creating a unique person, different from the rest.

If the universe through synchronicity takes this article to you, I hope you can resonate with my words, and be as inspired by both personality models as I have been. At this point of my life, when more than half of the journey through earth has gone by, and not knowing how much time is left here, I feel the urgent need to be true to my inner self, versus common sense or established way of acting. My true self simply sees we are two strangers from different countries, with two very different lives, yet, in the same quest, with the archetype of the seeker active, in our own hero´s journey to enlightenment, searching for serenity and wisdom and inner peace and simplicity, and joy and carpe diem. I feel it is always worthwhile to share what we have learned in our journey with others, and to be able to drop our ego defenses sharing the time left of our lives with other souls that also search for Promised Land, with the archetype of the Magician active, trying to heal their inner wounds.

Un abrazo muy fuerte.