Numerology: Life path.

Behind your birthday and name are numbers full of meaning.

These numbers tell you about pending issues of other lives.

Our birthday tells us which is our life path or what we have to learn in this incarnation.

Knowing about our life path is a light that guides our life. Sometimes, life decisions take us far away from it due to our ignorance about our goal in this journey. At other times, commitment to our life path is very hard, and we try to find an alternative which is less oppressive for us. By trying to avoid our life path we find ourselves running in circles, nothing seems to go well, obstacles, disadvantages, get in the way. We walk in darkness, lost, without energy for life.

When we flow with our life path, we find harmony, the Universe helps us, and we are able of development and evolution, through synchronicity. That is Pronoia, everything seems to flow, persons that guide us appear, situations, dreams, hidden messages everywhere, books, films, images. It seems as if the whole Universe is whispering to us. The feeling that everything is in its place gives us meaning and strength to flow with life towards light, peace and freedom.

Every number has light and darkness. We can choose one or another, either walking towards light, or getting lost in the dark side, locked in the destructive side of each number.


November 13, 1969

13+11+1969= 1993 = (1+9+9+3) = 22 – Master number

Day (1+3) = 4

Month 11 – Master number.

Year (1+9+6+9) = 25 = (2+5) = 7

4+11+7 = 22 – Master number.

Master numbers (11, 22, 33, 44):

Those who have a master number in their life path have signed a contract to serve humanity in this incarnation. They have a power they have to use in favor of the other. If they use their power in their own benefit it can turn to be very destructive.

These numbers add an extra load over the person. They mean effort and altruism. They will have to face many moral and material challenges. Due to this, master numbers can be really difficult to endure.

Persons with a master life path, usually have artistic and creative talents, feel a huge love for others and tend to be selfless and altruistic. However, above all, they need to evolve spiritually.

They have to learn to develop mastery, and meet their commitment of service to humanity.

Master numbers mean spiritual talents which bestow the person with a bigger sensitivity and intuition, such as extra sensorial perception, or access to other realities, and contact with light beings and angels. It is very difficult to live daily life with this extra luggage in a world full of violence, negativity and materialism.

Master numbers have in common their vibrations of huge power and energy, their capacity to  work at a big scale in making the world a better place, the big responsibility of owning a master number, idealism, creativity, and  leadership, high introspection and sensitivity and the need to have time on its own in order to recharge and center.

22 talents:

22 is the master number of universal love.

Has lived many incarnations and offers their experience to humanity, is the master builder, owns huge strength, ingenuity, vision, intuition, idealism, power, they have a need to organize, to guide groups in the service of humanity, and they do so through the messages they receive from the Universe.

Has the intuition of the 11, and guides their energy towards material goals, therefore they can have big fortunes, which they dedicate to help the world equality, acting with generosity and ethics, helping those more in need, being an example with their actions.

Through its life they have to learn to be a 22, until that moment they live as a 4.

22 destructive side:

They can be dictatorial, insensitive, reckless and cold. Their huge power can end in a blind ambition that leads their power to be greatly destructive.

If you are reading this entry, and your life path is a master number, maybe this is somehow a waking call to embrace your life purpose.

With love and gratitude.


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