Carta a Silvia Federici solicitando su apoyo a las mujeres acusadas de SAP.

Hello Silvia,

I write you from Madrid. I have enjoyed reading your book Revolution at point zero. At the beginning of this year, due to my personal problems as a result of my divorce, I decided to start writing a Blog, I was shocked when I started to read your book. I call your “Wages for Housework” Protecting motherhood. As of today, motherhood continues to be a challenge for women throughout the world.

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I am also feminist, but from a “matrista” perspective. Feminist tend to focus their political activism in surfacing women´s discrimination throughout the globe, and see the way out for women´s empowerment in doing the same professional careers as men. Having passed the equator of my life, having been a mother, with all its struggles, has given me another point of view, because what was valid at the beginning of my life is no longer valid now. Working out of our homes, I agree with you, has not brought freedom for women. In addition, it has neither given me a bigger satisfaction than having been a full-time mother.

Matrista is for me leveraging the yin qualities to the yang. That is compassion, altruism, spirituality, flexibility, patience, cooperation, among others. The world today, is a patriarchal creation, capitalism, feudalism, democracy, laws, cruelty, war, ego, separation, illness. All of them evolve from the human being famine of agape love, maternal love, and Eros enjoying love, pleasure, the present, as Claudio Naranjo talks about in his books.

One of the reasons that moved me to write you is to talk you about PAS – Parental Alienation Syndrome, and its victims among mothers and their children throughout the world, Argentina, México, Uruguay, Italia, US, or Spain, with the hope that some way or other you can help us.

Below, you may find a link to the video called “Breaking the silence”, that reveals the experience of several US kids, who were PAS victims and now as seniors, have created Courageous Kids Association to help other kids.

PAS was created in 1985 by Gartner, and since then grows and grows. It is a neo machoism creation, created by pedophilia associations, and batterers to take away the kids from those courageous mothers that surface situations of gender violence or sexual abuse to children. It is an incredible drama, which together with the imposition of the joint custody is damaging many children throughout the world. When a child refuses visitation with the violent father is said to be alienated in the Court, and custody is given away to the abuser and furthermore, the child is separated even for years from the mother. PAS is a regression in women and children´s rights.

The Women´s Coalition  has put together the cases of thousands of mothers throughout the world and sent them to the United Nations with the hope they can stop this drama. I have sent my own case to them, and hope to hear from them soon.

So PAS and joint custody (no food pension), has contributed to the giant increase of deaths of women, as after gender violence we have judges violence. Women live in painful conditions due to PAS in Spain, because if you want to get out of gender violence, means leaving behind the children, as we have the batterers or abuser´s threat of…I will take away the kids. And, the threat comes to reality with the contribution of the judges.

With the hope of a better world, where women and their children are free…

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